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Link Your Aadhar Card With Mobile Number by Phone

Link Your Aadhar Card With Mobile Number by Phone –

Link Your Aadhar Card With Mobile Number by Phone

Link Your Aadhar Card With Mobile Number by Phone – Hello Guys, as you all know Aadhaar Card is a compulsory document for all Indians.Aadhar is a unique identification number which is given to you by UIDAI Authority.The government of India issued an official notification to link your mobile number to Aadhar card by 31 March 2018.It is essential to all Indian otherwise their mobile service will be disconnected.So if you want to continue your mobile service then link your SIM card with Aadhaar number Asap.

If you want to continue your all banking service which is done through your mobile number then you have to link your phone number with aadhar by.The Govt. of India also make an amendment in its rule and according to it, you have to link your Mobile number to your Bank Account.So we can say your mobile number have a connection between your Aadhar Card or Bank Account.So please follow below structure to Link Your Aadhar Card With Mobile Number by Phone.

Aadhar Card and Mobile Number Linking Types

So here we will discuss how you can link your Phone number with aadhar card in easy steps.There are two steps by which you can link your SIM card with Aadhar card.Please see below steps to know detailed information about it –

1. Aadhar Card and Mobile linking at the time of Registration – You can link your mobile number with UIDAI aadhar card at the time of registration.When you visit an aadhar card centre for new Aadhaar enrollment than the Aadhar card representative ask you for your mobile number which is aligned with your Aadhar Card.So always keep ready your active mobile number which is in use.

2. Update Your Mobile/Phone Number in Aadhar Card Data – You can also link your new phone number to Aadhaar number by updating it in UIDAI Aadhar Data through Online Process or by visiting the nearest Aadhar Center.Before Updating your new number in Aadhar card you have to keep one thing in your mind that is your old mobile number must be in use.UIDAI authority will send an OTP on your old mobile number to verify your identity.Now you have to provide One Time Password to update new Phone number in your 12 digit Aadhar card.

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How to Link Phone number to Aadhar Card –

Here we will provide the latest update how to Link Your mobile number with Aadhar Card by Phone.Everyone wants to know Mobile and Aadhar Card linking process after Govt. of India notification.Phone Number verification with aadhar card is compulsory for all Indians by 31st March 2018.For this UIDAI and Telecom Company take an initiative to resolve people query which they face at the time of Mobile and Aadhar linking.Now they make this Process very easy and simple for user perspective.Now you can link your new number or update your old number in aadhar card data through Phone.Please follow below steps for detailed information about it –

1. Phone Number and Aadhar Link Process for BSNL User – If you are a BSNL User and want to register your mobile number in Aadhar data then you have to Dial 14546 with your Phone number.

2. Mobile and Aadhar Linking for Airtel User – If you are an Airtel Sim card user and want to link your phone number to your Aadhar card then you have to Dial 14546 with your Phone number.

3. Phone Number and Aadhar Linking for Idea User – If you are using Idea Telecom network and want to link your Mobile number with Aadhar Card then Dial 14546 with your Phone number.

4. Phone Number and Aadhar Linking Process for Vodafone User – All Vodafone Sim card user can also link their mobile number with Aadhaar card by Dialing 14546.

5. Phone Number and Aadhar Linking Process for Jio User – If are a Jio sim user then no need to follow Mobile number and Aadhar linking process because you already submitted your aadhar card details which Jio sim at the time of Purchasing it.If still, you want to do this process again then Dial 14546 with your Phone.

Note – If you are also using Telenor, Tata, Reliance Telecom, Reliance Communication and Aircel service then you can link your Mobile Number with Aadhar card by Dialing 14546.

Mobile and Aadhar Linking Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) Process

The government of India to help all the telecom subscribers have come up with a single number for linking Aadhaar to SIM using interactive voice response(IVR) services.Please follow below points to Link your Aadhar Card with mobile number –

  • First, Dial the Toll-Free Number 14546 with your mobile number.
  • Now IVR system verifies your nationality you are an Indian Citizen or NRI.You have to confirm your nationality.
  • Now IVR asks you to share your 12-digit number.
  • After that system will repeat your Aadhar number you have to confirm it by pressing 1.
  • Next, the IVR will ask to share the mobile number, now UIDAI will send an OTP on your mobile number.
  • Now enter OTP which you received from UIDAI Aadhar Authority.
  • On entering the OTP, press on 1 to complete the Aadhaar and mobile number re-verification.

Note – For Aadhar card or mobile number linking process, you have to carry same state Aadhar number and Phone number.

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So finally you get to know how to Link Aadhar card to Mobile number by Phone in very easy step.Here we will provide detailed information about Phone and Aadhar linking process which is very useful information for you.UIDAI and Telecom authority recently launch a programme to resolve your query which is related to Mobile Aadhar linking process.We also found that you are facing lots of problem in Aadhar mobile link process.For Aadhar Card and Mobile Number Link process you have to call the Toll free number at 14546.

At last, If you like above-given information then share it with others.I hope others will also like this useful information.

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